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Easy-To-Use PDF Library

Whether you want to merge two PDF documents or wish to alter a document in a more complex way, Pdf4me is the tool for you. Pdf4me provides you the possibility to use simple, mostly predefined methods for fast and simple modifications.

API Clients

Pdf4me provides HTTP based API which follows the essence of REST*.


For an easy integration into Pdf4me a simple API is provided. We strive for simplicity and provide you the most simplest api methods in swagger.

For you to have even less integration work to do client libraries are provide in the most common languages.


curl -X POST ^
-H "Authorization: Basic DEV-KEY" ^
-F profile=max ^
-F file=@C:pdf_to_optimize.pdf ^
-o c:optimized.pdf




Server Processing

use any of the Base Features from your server


Job Configuration

configure your own PDF flow


Web Hook

use asynchronous processing for heavy loads

pdf4me cloud for non-developers

Use our free online consumer site.

Drag & Drop your files and easily convert from Word, PowerPoint, Excel to PDF or from PDF to Word, Excel, PowerPoint

On this site also use our nice feature to organize pages. Choose your PDF and select pages you want to remove, reorder, or rotate to get a new document.

Is your PDF too big? We can compress to an incredible small file size without losing quality.

It's all on your fingertips, merge, split, OCR, or protect and unprotect your documents.

pdf4me cloud

PDF4me Desktop App & Server Processing

Document processing & automation made simple!

Frustrated over manual document conversions and processing? We have the best and simple solution for you. Configure easy workflows for converting documents to PDF, splitting, extracting or even optimize them for archiving or further processing.

Furthermore, enjoy our great OCR feature to extract text from PDF documents and automatically save them in different formats like Word, Powerpoint, Excel or even as plain text.

A simple two-step process makes working with PDFs a breeze. Just add a new job flow with the features of your choice, select the source and target folders. Sit back & relax. Every time a file is added to your source folder your job starts running automatically. Voila! All your processed documents are there in the target folder.



Login to our Developers Portal to get a free API key for Pdf4me.