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Microsoft Flow with PDF4me

Technology is growing hastily and almost everything around us getting automated. There has been innovations and progressions in software technology in automating work flows. Microsoft flow is one such service that automate tasks by integrating to your favorite apps.

Microsoft Flow helps you create automated workflows between your favorite apps and services to synchronize files, get notifications, collect data and more.

Every one of us has to deal with creation, manipulation or storage of documents in our daily life. It may be in few numbers for an average person to millions of documents for large organizations. We have the perfect tool that can help you with your document related tasks – PDF4me. The PDF4me connector is now available in Microsoft Flow with some great features.

Pdf4me provides Pdf functionalities in simple ways that can cater to a variety of customer requirements. Providing wide range of controls over Pdf generation, modification, protection and archiving, Pdf4me services are fast light & highly secure.

You can collobarate PDF4me and Microsoft Flow to harness some great advantages of both apps. MS Flow has large number of connectors integrated with it that can be used as triggers for a particular action. You may use the PDF4me connector to perform the document related task.

For instance, You want to convert attachments from a particular mail address to Pdf and save it in your Dropbox folder –

  • Add the mail connector of your choice and set the trigger.
  • Select the PDF4me connector and add the ‘Convert to Pdf’ action

For adding a Pdf4me connection for the first time you need to provide the Pdf4me API Key from the Developer Portal in the format :

Basic <Token/Key>

  • Finally, add a storage connector where you want the document to be saved.

And Yes! All this can be automated. The PDF4me flow keeps running this tasks everytime a mail arrives from the particular mail id.

Sample Flow

Creating a Flow consists of two main parts: A trigger, and one or more actions.

  • Trigger is the starting action for the flow. The trigger can be something like a new email arriving in your inbox .
  • Actions are what you want to happen when a trigger is invoked. Like the new email trigger will start the action of converting the attachment using PDF4me

Now that was just an example. PDF4me provides a lot of PDF related functionalities like Convertion of documents to PDFs, Optimization, Image generation, OCR, Barcode generation and reading, Spliting of large documents, Merging documents together and many more. You can explore these features in our PDF4me portal.

Let us know how you like working with PDF4me and Flow.
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