PDF4me Zap with Gmail

Using Gmail attachments in PDF4me Zapier
One of the important/useful automation tasks are converting your attachments in the Gmail to PDF and save them in storage or simply maybe copying the attachments to the storage. If a user wants to convert their files received in the mail to PDF, one solution we can provide is to send them to our PDF4me app. But unfortunately, Google has restricted sending of any Gmail info from their app to some of the approved apps – Gmail Zap common problems

While creating/testing the zap, you can get the data. But once you try to turn on the zap, it will show a message saying it restricts the sharing of info from Gmail.

The approved apps have been listed below.

  • Any built-in Zapier tool (like Weather or Code by Zapier, except for SMS/Phone by Zapier)
  • Any Google app (like Google Sheets or Google Docs)
  • Bombbomb (with re-authorization)
  • Close.io (with re-authorization)
  • Dropbox (with re-authorization)
  • Evernote (with re-authorization)
  • Microsoft Dynamics (with re-authorization)
  • Microsoft Excel (with re-authorization)
  • Microsoft Exchange (with re-authorization)
  • Microsoft Office 365 (with re-authorization)
  • Microsoft Teams (with re-authorization)
  • Microsoft To-Do (with re-authorization)
  • Microsoft OneNote (with re-authorization)
  • Microsoft Outlook (with re-authorization)
  • Microsoft Yammer (with re-authorization)
  • OneDrive (with re-authorization)
  • Pipedrive (with re-authorization)
  • Streak (with re-authorization)
  • Todoist (with re-authorization)

A workaround this is to create two zaps. First zap should send attachments from Gmail to a storage app and Second zap should get those files from storage and send it to PDF4me app.

First zap can start with a New Attachment trigger in Gmail. This will trigger zap per attachment. If you set the trigger as New Email, this will provide data as a zip file if their multiple attachments to email. Otherwise if the mail contains a single attachment then link to single attachment will be provided. The zap can end with storage app (e.g. Google Drive, Dropbox or any from above). The app the app will received attachments from Gmail and store it.

Second zap starts the same storage app with a new file trigger (e.g. New File or New File in Folder trigger in Google drive) and link it to PDF4me app and choose any action you wish to perform.

This way you can send the Gmail attachment files to PDF4me.
One may also try accessing their Gmail through their in-built Zapier tool IMAP for sending their attachment. But this will not possible the login of Gmail in Zapier has been restricted to Gmail app in the Zapier.

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