What are the minimum requirements for using Pdf4me ?
An Internet connection and a Pdf4me token/key from our portal. You need only very basic system requirements. We handle most of the processing on our highly reliable and fast servers.
Can I process documents from my Cloud storage accounts with Pdf4me ?
Definitely ! Pdf4me provides various integrations that you can use to access most commonly used Cloud storages. You can create applications in Pdf4me portal, choose the required Integration and provide required authorization to work with your Cloud storages. We support most common Cloud storages like Google Drive, Dropbox, Azure Storage.etc.
Does Pdf4me store my documents ?
Pdf4me in no way access or allow any other entity to access your documents. They are stored in highly secured servers for processing instructions given by you. They are automatically deleted permanently after a time interval for further security.
Can i process attachments from my emails ?
Of course, you can, provided the attachments are processible document formats. PDF4me provides Integration to tools like Microsoft Power Automate & Zapier. Using these tools you can access your attachments, documents in Cloud storages and process them using Pdf4me. You can even create tasks to store them back or even attach to mail and send them.
Can I automate my Pdf jobs ?
You can automate Pdf jobs using Integrations like Microsoft Power Automate & Zapier. PDF4me can easily Integrate with Power Automate & Zapier, further making all features of PDF4me automatable. Please refer to our documentation for Microsoft Power Automate & Zapier for implementation details.
How long can I use my free Pdf4me token ?
Our free token has a limit for the times you can use Pdf4me services. But don’t worry, we have set our pricing very affordably than our competitors. Still we offer some great features for that small price.
Can Pdf4me handle mass processing of documents ?
Of course Yes! Pdf4me is tuned to handle the possible practical number of processings. Our services are developed in the latest technology to handle the load without compromising on quality & security. We have developed Pdf4me with small consumers to corporates in mind.

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