Scan Swiss QR-bills

With the digitalization of the Swiss bill new features can be provided for our customers. It allows you now to automate more flows in the regular daily work. See following features which are uniquely provided by our Swiss QR Scan feature.

  • The Scan of Swiss QR-bills reads out the QR data and returns it as structured information. This billing data can be further used in your workflow.
  • Other flavours of Swiss QR Scan include the splitting of a complete scan stack after the Swiss QR code. This allows to put together a bigger stack of bills without adding a special scan barcode to mark the starting of each new bill. It saves you a lot of tedious manual work.
  • Create PDF/A as archive compatible PDF which includes the billing data as XMP metadata. Bills are now made archive compatible in one step without any coding.

Read-out Billing Data

All billing Data will be read and returned as structured data in the API result.

From Swiss QR Bill to structured Billing Data

To use the billing data in any document workflow system or ERP the structured billing is at the beginning of any business workflow. Start the workflow here with this API and continue with a simple integration into your workflow system.

Split Scan Stapel according to Swiss QR code

Swiss QR Code is also a very useful split marker in a scan stack. Scan a pile of bill which contain as a last document the page with the Swiss QR code. The Swiss QR splitting feature returns a list of PDF documents splitted after each Swiss QR bill.

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