PDF4me in QNAP user guide


This technical write up serves as an end user guide, to install as well as use PDF4me application, and automate documentation jobs in a QNAP system.


QNAP’s Network Attached Storage(NAS) systems consist of one or more hard drives that are constantly connected to the internet. The QNAP becomes your back up “hub”, or storage unit that stores all your important files and media such as photos, videos, and music. Imagine it, being your external hard drive that can be taken everywhere. If placed at home, it can be accessible anytime for you and your family.

PDF4me App on NAS 

PDF4me provides an app/application to help the users of QNAP in doing mass automated conversions of documents. 

Since QNAP users can have large amounts of documents and in order to apply changes like conversion to PDF formats, including adding Watermarks, Compress PDF files and more, this integration can help save storage space and reduce network cost etc.

How to install?

There are two ways to install Pdf4me App on your NAS. First and easiest way is to install it from QNAP app store. 

QNAP app store

Second way is to Download Pdf4me’s QNAP package from our website and install it as follows:

1.Open the app center. 

2.Click on the “install manually” button as shown by the red arrow in the image.

Install manually

Select the Pdf4me.qpkg and install 

Install Manually

How to use?

Click on “get token”.

Login to get token

Login and Create an account on Pdf4me

login page of PDF4me

After the Login

How to Create a Job?

Go to Job Configuration and then click on “create Job”.

Create Job as pointed by red arrow

Give a name for the Job. Then select source and destination folder. Do note that the application will read documents from the source folder and then will be performing user defined actions on these documents before finally writing the desired files into destination folder.

New Job creation

Next select desired actions to be performed on the documents by clicking on the add actions button.

For example, here I have added an action to first convert any file to Pdf then split after page 2 as shown in the images below.

Sample to convert to pdf

Splitting the pdf

Split the pdf

Once done with adding actions, click on the ‘create Job’ button to save the Job.

Save the Job

You can find the saved Jobs by clicking on the ‘Job Configuration’ or ‘Dashboard’.

Saved jobs in Job configuration
Saved jobs in Dashboard

To automate the Job, you can click on the switch beside the Job Name as pointed out by the red arrow below.

Switch to automate the Job

To manually perform the Job, you may click on the crawl button of the desired Job.

Manually performing the Job with Crawl button

You can also check how many Job calls are left for you, by going to settings menu.

Count of the remaining Job calls

This way, you can do various document automation using PDF4me in QNAP, anywhere and anytime.


1. Our app is dependent on Qnap’s Container station (However you can find in Qnap’s App store) so please make sure you install it before installing it.

2. As of now Qnap’s container station is now compatible with older NAS, which in turn makes our app also incompatible with your current NAS.

3. If you are directly installing QNAP package please note to install the model compatible with your CPU architecture.

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