Pdf4me has 2 main interfaces: The Menu View & The Grid View 

You can switch between the menu view and Grid view using the red hamburger icon on the top left part of the app window. 

Pdf4me Menu View has 2 main menus. 

  1. Settings 
  2. Actions 

Settings Menu 

The settings menu has 2 submenus. 

  • App Settings 
  • Job Config 

You can use the App Settings to switch between your various application profiles in Pdf4me. It also lets you turn ON or OFF the Pdf4me windows service. You can also Logout of your current account and switch to a different account if needed using the App Settings menu. 

The Job Config menu lets you create automated custom document processing in your local machine. You can create Job Flows and create Job Plans using the Job Flows as per your requirement. You can also keep a track of machines running your Job Plans using the Machines tab in Job Config. We will be elaborating how to work with Job Flows in a later section 

Actions Menu 

The Actions menu is where you can configure and add/remove the actions required to process your documents to the Top Action bar. Moreover, you can create custom profiles for each action by modifying the parameters available for each action as per your requirement.  

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