Server Usage & Job Flow

Job Flow is where all the fun happens. Pdf4me lets you automate document processes in your machine with as little configurations as possible.  

How to create a Job Flow? 

You can create and configure a Job Flow from the Settings Menu as we discussed in the Interfaces section. Let’s create a sample Job Flow and Job Plan to see how we can automate a ConvertToPdf and Stamp job. 

  • Go to Job Config in the Settings menu 
  • In the Job Flows section, use the New button to add new Job Flow 
  • Add any name of your choice 
  • Using the Add button and ConvertToPdf and Stamp actions. 

Now switch to the Job Plan Tab 

  • Choose the required Job Flow 
  • Add a folder as Source – For adding documents for Conversion 
  • Select folder for Output files as Target, save. 

Enable the Job plan by turning ON the switch on the right side of Machines field. Done! 

Now whenever you drop or add the file to the source folder, Pdf4me will automatically pick it, process and save it to the Target folder. For example, if you add a .docx, .pptx and .xlsx file to the source folder, Pdf4me will convert them to PDF and then stamp the text configured on the pages of the PDF document. 

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