Grid and Direct Action

Pdf4me has Grid interface where you can simply drag and drop documents from your local machine and process them using the actions you have added to the Top Action bar. For example:  

  • Drag and drop MS office documents like .docx, .pptx or .xlsx to the grid.  
  • Select the document using the mouse. 
  • Simply select and action from the Top action bar, say, ConvertToPdf 

Your MS Office document has been converted to PDF in seconds. We support a large number of formats for conversions and various other Actions based on the document formats. Please refer to Getting Started for more details. 

You can also find the values for the parameters and configurations for customizing each Action by referring to the Base Feature’s documentation here.  You can configure the Actions in Topbar by selecting the arrowhead on the right of each action. 

Pdf4me Direct 

You can directly process documents from your machine by right-clicking on the documents in any folder. Pdf4me will automatically detect the document format show available options for the particular format. 

Suppose there are Microsoft word documents in your Desktop. If you have already installed the Pdf4me app, just right click on the .docx file. You will get options to Convert or Optimize the document as a PDF. 

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