Split by Barcode Connector

Connector ID: SplitByBarcode

Split PDFs containing barcodes by filtering using texts embedded in the barcodes.

MsFlow SplitByBarcode Action


Name Key Description Value Required
File Content docContent Input file content from the source byte Yes
File Name Name Name of the file from the source string Yes
Barcode Data barcodeString Text or data in Barcode to filter & split string Yes
Barcode Filter barcodeFilter Filter options for text in the barcode enum Yes
Barcode Type barcodeType The type of Barcode enum Yes
Split Barcode Page splitBarcodePage How the document should be split enum Yes


Name Type Path Deccription
splitedDocuments array of object splitedDocuments splitedDocuments
File Name string splitedDocuments.fileName Output file name
File Content byte splitedDocuments.streamFile Output file content

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