Microsoft Flow

The beta phase of the feature is available. Try this cool feature with our trial key from the portal and give us your feedback.

Microsoft Flow with Pdf4me lets users create automated workflows that use Pdf4me features. For Instance, using the Pdf4me connector in Microsoft flow helps you access a document from mail or storage like Gmail or Onedrive, process it using Pdf4me and store it back to a storage or email it again. And yes! All this can be automated.

Using MS Flow you can also multi-process your documents. For instance, you can convert doc to Pdf, optimize it, add watermark or e-sign it using Pdf4me connector. You can then using Flow save it in Cloud storage or mail it as an attachment. A sample workflow is below:

  • Log in to Microsoft Flow using your account credentials
  • Create a new Flow template.

For adding a Pdf4me connection for the first time you need to provide the Pdf4me token from the Developer Portal in the format: basic <token>

  • After adding the connection, you can create the required trigger of choice.
  • Add the Pdf4me connector for the required processing
  • Add the final action say, Dropbox where your output files need to be stored

Likewise, you can create flows that suit your requirements using the Pdf4me Connectors. Almost all our basic features are now available with our connector giving a wide range of control over your documents.

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