Google Drive (Preview)

Integrating Pdf4me with Google Drive makes working with your documents easy and accessible. There after documents processed using Pdf4me are automatically delivered to your Google Drive folders using a onetime setup. Consequently you can have use one of the mostly used Cloud storage for documents processed with Pdf4me.

Integrating Google Drive to Pdf4me can be done the following way

  • Log in to Pdf4me using your credentials and create an Application or use an existing application
  • Navigate to the Integrations menu and add GoogleDrive from Add Integration

You can get the required Google Drive settings by enabling the Google drive API from the Google Developer Portal.

After logging in using your credentials you can search for Google Drive API from the API library.

  • Enable the Google Drive API
  • Create Credentials and download the authorization Json

Complete the Integration settings with the details. Create the Integration and you are ready to go. Finally, use the Key from the application used for Integration in Pdf4me services to use Google Drive storage.

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