We can integrate Pdf4me with file hosting services like Dropbox. You can easily access documents in your dropbox account and perform Pdf4me actions and store them back. Furthermore you can automate these tasks with features like Microsoft Flow or Zapier.

Integrating Dropbox to Pdf4me can be done the following way

  • Log in to Pdf4me using your credentials and create an Application or use an existing application
  • Navigate to the Integrations menu and add Dropbox from Add Integration.

You can create the Dropbox app for Integration from the Dropbox Developer Portal.

  • The app name will unique. In the settings of the app there will be a field for generating the token for accessing the Dropbox API.
  • After the required fields are filled you an create your Integration.
  • Finally, use the Key from the application used for Integration in Pdf4me services to use Dropbox Storage.

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