API Collection for Postman

What is Postman API Client?

Postman is a best alliance for API development, where you can create, test, and deploy APIs. Postman API Client is an application that lets you execute your API requests, view and analyze responses. It also lets you customize and save your APIs as collections for future use making it possible for you to execute with just simple clicks the next time.

What is PDF4me API Collection?

We have created a collection of our powerful REST APIs, custom-tailored to be executed in the Postman API Client without much coding or complex configurations. We have made sure you have all the essential APIs you would need to manage or manipulate your documents over Postman without any hassle.

Where to download?

You can download the full set of our API collection as a Zip below or from GitHub.

How to use?

Before you can start using our API collection to perform different actions on your documents, you will require a token to authorize the APIs.

Generate my Token

  • Go to our Developer Portal
  • Login or Create an account if you don’t have one.
  • Once you have logged into the Portal, select the Default or create an application from the Application section.
Pdf4me New Default Application
  • Click on the Keys link from the left menu. You can find your Key/Token there.

Not able to find your Token? Know more about generating your Token here.

Using PDF4me with Postman

  • Unzip the contents of the Zip folder and save it in a convenient location.
  • Launch your Postman API Client.
  • Use the Import option from Postman to add the extracted JSON file to the Collection.

How to ADD API Key to Postman Collection?

After importing JSON file, click on three dots to edit the Collection.

Use edit option in collections tab to add PDF4me Key to Postman collection
  • In Edit Collection, select Variables tab.
  • Edit the default values with your API Key and Update Collection.

How to use the test files with PDF4me API Collection?

  • After importing the JSON file, click on the Settings icon from the top bar.
  • Update your working directory to the folder location where you’ve extracted the contents of the ZIP file.
Update test files location for PDF4me API collection using Settings

All Set! Now you are ready to start executing your PDF4me API collection using Postman.

If you have any more trouble using our API collection, please look at more information on our GitHub page.

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